Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I often read about new blogs and applications, but this one seems to be picking up and growing really fast!
I'm talking about Sociatag.
As described on menaopportunities.info, it's a startup that offers an innovative solution to offline marketing via social networks.
You can connect and share your experiences in exhibitions, workshops, seminars with your friends.

So how does it work?

you install societal "boxes" and brand them following your brand's guidelines.
These boxes can be linked to Facebook, twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn.
This way, you can follow Facebook posts, check-ins, pictures, tweets, or even follow companies, join groups, bookmark job postings or simply share posts with your network, etc...

Now here comes to nice part:
- Rating boxes are available to get direct feedback from users.
- More and more social networks are being added.
- You can conduct promotions on Sociatag to drive footfall to your business. It offers loyalty programs, treasure hunt and gift vouchers promotions, etc...

The navigation is clear and simple: Taga will welcome you to Sociatag and take you through the process.

I know that no matter how much I tell you about it, it won't be clear unless you try it yourself, or watch the below video:

Most importantly, I want to express my pride of Wassim Al Hakim, the young and dynamic Lebanese guy who founded Sociatag, which I'm sure will reach for the stars!

I hope you find this post as interesting and useful as I did myself.
& I would certainly LOVE to know your feedback on Sociatag.


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